Sales Tax Advisory Services

The world of sales tax has become increasingly complex. Yesterday's rules no longer apply, and you can no longer assume that you need only collect sales tax in your home state.

If you are selling products online, you are potentially subject to the rules of many states.

If your business is owned by a non-US person or company, you have unique requirements in this area.

K Shea CPA has a deep understanding of the sales tax rules in all states, and the special needs of non-US sellers.  We can evaluate your specific situation to help you sort through it all.

We can perform a "nexus study" which evaluates where your business may have specific exposure.

We can assist with sales tax registrations, obtaining reseller certificates, setting up sales tax collection systems, setting up automated sales tax return programs, and manually filing sales tax returns as needed.

We also have deep experience working with state tax authorities on Voluntary Disclosure Agreements, Amnesty programs, penalty waivers, and tax law interpretation.

CFO Services

Do you need someone to manage the financial affairs of your business, but cannot afford a full-time Controller or CFO?

K Shea CPA can provide a broad range of services depending on what your business goals are for a fraction of the cost.

Below are some examples of what we can provide to your business:

#  Increased understanding of the financial side of your business, giving you more control over your money.

#  Improved decision making capabilities with full visibility of your business’s numbers.

#  Detailed reviews of financials to ensure quality of your financials, which will be used for decision making.

#  Assistance in budget creation and monitoring, which will help you better direct and manage achievement of your business goals.

#  Cash flow management and monitoring. We can help you make your money work for you.

#  Insight to your business’s future through forecasting, allowing you to look at the current business in addition to new ventures (e.g., addition of a product or service, open or close location, etc.), and the related impact.

#  Sounding board for business decision making, helping you consider implications of changes to your business.

# Tax advice and tax savings strategies.

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